Buster the Blood Bike

Buster is the Blood Bike Wales (Wrexham) mini Blood-Bike.

He may be a little bike but he has a BIG personality


The mini Blood Bike that “Blood Bikes Wales (Wrexham)” used to take to fete’s and events had gotten a bit banged up, and was starting to look worn out. Also the stand used to hold up the bike was heavy, awkward to carry, and meant more often than not the little bike was left behind and not taken to events.

After finding the bike abandoned in a dark cobwebby corner of the storage container, two members of Blood Bikes Wales (Who we shall refer to as #TeamOwens from now on) decided to take the bike away and give it some TLC, and a well deserved face-lift, along with sorting out an easier and lighter stand so once again kids of all ages can enjoy the company of the mini-bike at events.

Below are some photographs of the starting condition of the “Yet to be named” bike and stand

Stage 1

The mini Blood Bike has now been stripped down ready to be worked on.

You will notice #TeamOwens member Neville Owens has sneaked into the photographs.

Stage 2

The first coat of paint has been added to the various parts of the bike, and it has started to be marked out for final coats.

Stage 3

The bike is now fully marked up, and is slowly having its multiple coats of paint added.

Stage 4

The major painting has now been completed, and all the parts are ready to start to be assembled.

Blood Bikes Wales!

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Stage 5

All parts have now been painted, and reassembly of the bike can begin.

Stage 6

The Bike has now been fully reassembled. Now the work of adding the Hi-Viz, and stickers can begin.

Then it’s time to take a look again at that stand!

Stage 7

Stickers, badges, etc have now been added to the bike.

The stand is off being welded and sprayed.

All that is needed now is the final few stickers, the stand attaching, and some final work on the blood box at the back.

Stage 8

The bike is now practically finished.

It is still waiting on a name to be painted on the black sections of the tank.

Donate to Buster

You can make a donation to Blood Bikes Wales via Buster the Blood Bike.