Buster the Blood Bike

Buster is the Blood Bike Wales (Wrexham) mini Blood-Bike.

He may be a little bike but he has a BIG personality

The Story of Buster

After finding an unnamed bike abandoned in a dark cobwebby corner of a storage container, two members of Blood Bikes Wales decided to take the little bike away and give it some TLC, and a well deserved face-lift

How Buster got his name

With a new look, and a new lease on life this little bike needed a name. And the public was asked to help him find his name.

Blood Bikes Wales!

Provide free transportation of blood, milk and medical supplies to the NHS and other organisations where needed.

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Out and About with Buster

Eyton WI – A Presentation

Eyton WI – A Presentation

Today Neville Owens, Wayne Owens, Keith Williams and myself popped along to a meeting of Eyton WI, to give a talk on Blood Bikes Wales. Everyone...

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The littlest Blood Bike

The littlest Blood Bike

I am no longer the smallest Blood Bike. One of the nice people from the North Wales Woodcarvers has carved a small Blood Bike from wood. The bike...

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Donate to Buster

You can make a donation to Blood Bikes Wales via Buster the Blood Bike.